March 14 – 20: Midterm Reflection & What’s To Come

Next Week’s Goals:

  1. Finish Medicare for All
  2. Compile thoughts about Medicare for All as a possible solution
  3. Meet with Mr. Klein regarding kafala system laws.

Midterm Reflection:

So far, I’ve been looking into the legal systems in place that allow for healthcare to exist in the capacity that it currently does right now. This is both in America  and in Saudi Arabia, however, my focus is on disenfranchised groups like BIPOC in America and southeast Asian migrant workers in Saudi Arabia. However, there’s been more of a focus on America simply because resources to find for America are much easier. In order to have more of a Saudi focus, I’ll need to connect with professors specializing in the field. This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to talk to American professors, but it is easier to find resources on ways to fix the American healthcare system— a hot topic in recent years. This is also part of the issue, and something that’s stirring my emotions more. The politicization of healthcare is so frustrating and makes it all that much harder to find and implement a real and lasting solution, especially with both sides on the issue feeling incredibly strongly on their own stance. How is it possible (in both Saudi and America) that there is such a huge connection between those who suffer from medical discrimination and BIPOC or Southeast Asian migrant workers. Wouldn’t officials notice that there is more of a discrepancy in disenfranchised/marginalized groups? Do they even care?

I’ve learned that I find it really difficult to stay on track if I don’t have set & outlined goals that guide my learning. Without set goals, I don’t really stay on track because of the sheer amount of work that I have. This is something that Dr. Bayley recommended I start doing. Because my project is so ambitious, it’s hard to keep track of all the moving parts that I have going on. By setting goals at the beginning of each week, it makes it that much easier to keep track of everything happening. This is the one thing that I think I need to change to make sure I am hitting my 5 hour minimum every single week. Otherwise, everything is going great!

What’s Coming Next:

  1. Interviews, hopefully starting soon!
  2. Background research, abstract, literature review, and part of my findings done (with Medicare for All finished)

Thanks so much for reading :^)

2 thoughts on “March 14 – 20: Midterm Reflection & What’s To Come”

  1. Rinal, there are such important insights about learning here! I always think it’s amazing to encounter the limits of available information, especially when the internet seems so vast. It seems your questions about healthcare for Saudi workers are not widely asked. Congratulations on getting beyond conventional thinking!
    I’m also struck by your description of the emotional response this study is bringing up. Really caring about a topic can propel you forward because you really want to learn, yet it can block you, too. Sometimes one just wants to sit with the joy of a beautiful sentence or proof or brush stroke. Sometimes frustration such as you describe (“Do they even care?”) becomes all consuming. It’s a good thing, I think, to acknowledge the feelings and take some time for them. It’s also wonderful that you and Dr. Bayley have worked out a way to move forward.

  2. Rinal, everything looks good – I think posting the image of your visual representation of your project would be helpful for your readers too! Also the goals and checklist for the semester were very helpful to see. I look forward to hearing what Mr. Klein can add!

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