February 7th – 13th: Interim Reflection

I will admit: I have not put as much time into my independent study as I should. Adjusting to suddenly having a 7 class workload is definitely a steep learning curve, but I’ve been getting better. I did sort of plan ahead for this by integrating reading for most of January, but the tediousness of IRB approval threw me off-guard. To account for this, I think I’m going to be doing the individual research and everything on my own, and eventually applying for an IRB over the summer when I have a little bit more free time to complete the necessary courses and steps in order to gain IRB approval.

Otherwise, however, the background reading has been going well. The Faces of Poverty in North Carolina has opened my eyes to how deeply entrenched in economics and capitalism the healthcare system is. Soon, I’ll be making a master-post of all the good information I found in background reading. One of my goals for February is to finish the background section of what will become my academic paper. Summarizing a good amount of the information I found will help with this!

So much of what I’ve learned has shocked and appalled me, and instilled even more of a passion for righting the wrongs that the world has continuously dished out to those who are less fortunate. This world is one of many atrocities, and I feel such an urge to fix them. This independent study is just the start of that.

As always, thanks for tuning in!